Day: October 10, 2018


Style Milk

My Style.

Karen Walker has been one of my favourite designers for well over 10 years now! I even remember loving her designs from way back in my mid- late teens when I first started buying my own clothes for myself! I remember all the hype surrounding the Karen Walker pants that Madonna wore (I think at the MTV awards?) and how they apparently sold out within hours of being stocked! “Karen Walker collections are high casual with one foot in tailoring and the other in street wear” (as written on her website). This definitely sums up this New Zealand designer perfectly!!!

The first Karen Walker piece I ever bought was an amazing black jumper which I still have today. It has a very plunging neckline both on the front and back of the garment. I still have the jumper in my cupboard and would be atleast 10 years old. However Karen Walker is one of those amazing designers whose foresight in design would mean the piece would never date! I can still wear the jumper today and look stylish!

Today I am presenting one of my Karen Walker dresses (from THE BELIEVERS collection) I purchased on my birthday last year! It is a special buy because I had just had my son and hadn’t bought anything for myself all year and my husband kindly arranged with my friend who owns a boutique to go on a shopping spree and choose anything I wanted.  I literally couldn’t buy anything for at least a good hour!!! I had become a mum who could not spend on myself only my son.Funny how before I had a son I never used to blink at spending so much money on clothing. But when I became a mum I couldn’t even spend a cent on me let alone a couple of hundred on a dress. Anyway in the end I bought this dress, another Karen Walker top and a top french label BA& SH. It was a very special birthday!!! Thanks Todd x…

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